World's fastest doves of peace


The World's fastest doves of peace are now to be found in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on November 15-18.

As one of the four to open the WRC Rally Ireland in front of the Stormont, the Parliament of Northern Ireland, former World Champion of Rally and currently Member of the European Parliament Mr Vatanen captured the sentiments of many: "This start speaks volumes. Once deadly enemies are now working together to build up this society and my heart rejoices to be here today with them. I hope that opening this rally serves as a symbol of opening up a much bigger 'rally of life' in which every man is a driver. My message to them is: you cannot make a U-turn anymore - the road to peace is the most important road."

The WRC Rally Ireland will start with a Super Special Stage in Stormont in the evening of Nov 15th. The rally will be opened by the First Minister of the Northern Ireland and the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party Mr Ian Paisley, the Member of Parliament and the President of the Sinn Féin Mr Gerry Adams, the President of the Fédération International de l'Automobile Mr Max Mosley, and Member of the European Parliament Mr Ari Vatanen.