'President's first step: backlash for democracy'


'The very first step of the new president was already a backlash for true democracy', commented Ari Vatanen in the European Parliament on the inauguration of Russian president Mr Dmitry Medvedev, which took place in Moscow, May 7th. The European Parliament debated over the report on the EU Election Observation Missions. 'Good and important report, but in overall we haven't paid enough attention to the issue.'

According to Kremlin, Mr Medvedev spent only one day off for his campaign. Yet he received 17 times more audio visual media coverage than all three other candidates together. The actual opposition candidates were harshly put aside: Mr Mikhail Kasyanov's candidacy was outlawed and Mr Garry Kasparov was arrested for five days. At the same time American candidates struggle month after another to gain people's respect through hard work.

'The new president starts his 'honeymoon' in the office, and criticism is put aside.' Ari Vatanen cited the report: 'the European Union must not be silent- -', and voiced the thought of the many: 'The power was handed over by Mr Putin to Mr Medvedev. The election was a farce. Russian people deserve better. Hopefully Mr Medvedev will prove that we have been wrong and a new era in Russia will begin.'