Long live French road traffic - it saves lives!


France, Portugal and Luxembourg remain the only countries which will reach the 2010 target of halving road deaths, according to the new PIN Annual Report (The Road Safety Performance Index). "In practice, France has saved many lives of its citizens", captures Ari Vatanen, rapporteur of the European Parliament's Road Safety Report, and President of Mobility for Prosperity in Europe.

Mr. Vatanen, who drafted the European Parliaments report on Road Safety in 2006, giving suggestions how to decrease the accidents and fatalities in roar traffic, chaired the debate of the Forum for Automobile and Society on "New Roads to Safety", October 7, 2008. The debate focused on the continued European-wide stagnation in the improvement of road safety, while speakers included Transport Commissioner Mr. Antonio Tajani, and French Minister for Transports Mr. Dominique Bussereau.

Road deaths in France have decreased from 8162 in the year 2001 to 4709 in the year 2006. "Vive le transport routier de la France - ça sauve des vies ! ", declared Ari Vatanen, happy to see that the initiative of a French MEP brings fruits, at least in France. "My message to other countries: follow the French lead."

In the EU, 43000 people were killed in traffic in 2007. Even though the number of road fatalities is 20% less than in 2001, it nevertheless falls short from 37% needed to halve road deaths by 2010. Between 2001 and 2007, France, Portugal and Luxembourg have cut road deaths by 43%, 42% and 38%, respectively.

France received the Road Safety PIN Award in 2007.