Human Rights start from the right to be born


"We are selective on Human Rights", MEP Ari Vatanen commented yesterday the EU Annual Report on Human Rights 2007.

Around 30 - 40 million girl children are missing from the Chinese population. This is due to China's one child policy added with a culture where girl child are seen less important than boy child. The missing girls have been aborted, sometimes by forced abortions, murdered right after birth, or abandoned. "How can the Human Rights start only after the birth?" Ari Vatanen asks. "The first Human Right is the right to be born."

Amazingly the report is silent about the missing Chinese girls. The EU itself does not have a clear conscience either. "While we point a finger to countries - and rightly so - which still use the death sentence, we give a death sentence to over 1 million unborn babies each year", Ari Vatanen points out. "At the same time European parents search all over the world children to be adopted, spending years in waiting lists."

"I do not want to make anybody feel guilty but I ask is this humanity. We should protect those who are the most vulnerable, the most defenceless; otherwise Human Rights are nothing more than a political bargain, in which the rules change constantly", Mr Vatanen warned. "We cannot build our future on sand which is wet from the tears of unborn children."