Chairman of Mobility for Prosperity in Europe - MPE

Apart being a farmer in Southern France and holding other positions of trust, Ari is the Chairman of Mobility for Prosperity in Europe. It is a transport association which has been founded in 2005. It mainly works in Brussels led by its Chairman and in close cooperation with transport organisations and multinational companies.

European transport policy is, even after certain improvements in a summer 2006 EU Commission review, distorted and largely ignores the needs of users. This leads to inefficiency and wasteful use scarce resources. Political dogmatism has so far prevented us from getting the best value for money and risks seriously undermining our future prosperity. Modal shift away from efficient and user-friendly modes and a futile attempt to decouple transport growth from economic growth are serious menaces to prosperity.

MPE has organised several notable events in the European Parliament; dinner debates, seminars and press conferences. It has also produced opinion and background papers, and organised meeting with, for example, high officials of the European Commission.

These are the 5 principles of MPE:

  1. Decoupling harmful effects of transport from its growth, rather than trying to limit transportation as long as it is efficient and non-subsidized.
  2. Admitting that modal shift is not possible. Even doubling the rail freight in Europe would hardly make a dent on the amount of transports by road.
  3. Improving logistics and lowering costs. Otherwise Europe cannot compete in the global market. This can be only by allowing the modal choice to be market driven ensured.
  4. Improving the image of transport. Transport creates jobs and allows us to enjoy much higher quality of life. It is also essential to point out how much cleaner transport is nowadays. Much prejudice is based on old facts!
  5. Reducing waste of taxpayers' money! Stopping all waste would be fantasy... But all transport modes should be treated equally and people let choose the (economically) most appropriate mode.